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May 23, 2019
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Valuable Planning Tips for Exclusive Colorado Cannabis Vacation

Aug 29, 2018

Colorado draws cannabis aficionados from all around the world. Colorado tourism does not promote cannabis as one of the reasons for tourists to visit. According to a study, marijuana laws has influenced 49% of summer vacation decisions. Interested travelers wish to get a peek at the legal recreational ‘pot shops’.

Before Colorado, Denver was not a tourist attraction but today the place has turned into a popular destination. According to tour agencies, they book thousands of hotel rooms each month.

Valuable planning tips to Colorado cannabis vacation

Understand the laws

Recreational marijuana is legal in this land but toking everywhere or anywhere is not allowed. A general rule is to indulge in private. At some point, if you got caught, there is no concern about going to prison but it leads to huge penalty. Private events are recommended because it eliminates the risk and anxiety.

Smoke at your hotel

Book accommodation at 420 friendly hotels online, in advance. However, all hotels don’t allow cannabis smoking but secretly there are many who have specific arrangements with tour agencies. They rent their hotel rooms to travelers on precise conditions like a discreet policy or open their smoking rooms for cannabis travelers.

Sign up tours

Tours take travelers to exclusive but limited access areas, which you would otherwise not get a chance to visit. There are variety of tours, which brings you behind scenes comprising of dispensaries and growing of weeds. However, you need to be 21 years to participate.

Themed tours are

  • Cannabis friendly cooking course, where participants get to learn ways to infuse edibles when they toke in legal ambiance.
  • In winter, you can plan 2 days cannabis touring followed by 2 days boarding or skiing in the mountains.
  • In summer, enjoy your marijuana and get high but make sure to abstain before joining activities like zip-lining or hiking.

  • Enjoy a puff & paint like in wine party but with cannabis.
  • Book specialty packages, where a private SUV picks guests and drives them directly to a dispensary and shop. Guest are allowed to smoke in the SUV, while getting transported to their hotel.
  • In food truck night tours, guests gather at a specific food truck and from they are taken to grow and finally at some local comedy show. Party bus gets parked outside, so guests can return and enjoy their private space toking.
  • Relax with cannabis massage at luxury spas.

Take care

Start slowly and allow your body to ease. Keep yourself hydrated. Avoid devouring tons right away. Be cautious, until you identify your tolerance level. In Colorado, people can experience altitude sickness because it is geographically situated on height. Your body is already under stress before you start indulging in the weeds. So, take care and use cannabis cautiously.

On April 20th Colorado experiences the busiest time. You can see hard core crowd or least respectful participants, which can damage your experience. So, tour agencies recommend to stay away during this time.

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How to Make the Most Out of your Vacation Sex with your Partner

Aug 18, 2018

Couples need to have some time for each other. Vacations are perfect for them to connect on the level necessary to improve intimacy. While there will always be time to go hiking, swimming, or tanning, the best part about vacations for couples is vacation sex. Vacations help both men and women to relax and free themselves from the stress of their work life. Sex is one of the main causes of reduced sex drive so couples need to have a vacation for a win-win sex life and relationship. Below are some ways to make your couple vacation a honeymoon-like.

Choose the Destination which Makes you Feel Sexy

When it comes to vacation destinations, you want to pick from kinky vacation destinations. When making a choice, focus on more on the sex than on the bikini wax or a spray tan. Consider how you want to try and how you wish to feel. Choose a romantic and intimate place.

Pack Right

This vacation with your special someone should be about what makes you feel sexy. Make sure you pack items like your special occasion lingerie. Oversized sweats and tees are a no-no on this trip. Also, make a sensual vacation kit that can include your favorite music, sensual massage oil, lubricant, sex toys and more. You want to create a calming and relaxing space for you.

Create a List of Intimate Activities you Have Always Wanted to Try

While you may be having great sex regularly, you want your vacation sex to be special. Think of those things you wish to try; however, too shy or too busy to put into action. These could be a new sex position or toy. Make the most out of this vacation by making your dream sex happen. Go over your list before your departure to keep you both excited. It is always great to have something to look forward to.

Make Time for Bedroom Exploration

Since it is a vacation, you might want to explore your new surroundings. However, make sure you also spend time finding your way back to the passion when you first started dating. Remember that first night when you spent hours in bed kissing and having long, amazing sex. Rather than spending time in spas, consider treating each other to sensual massages. Get started by blindfolding your partner with a tie or scarf to heighten his or her other senses. This is an exhilarating experience which will cause an adrenaline rush, creating feelings of lust and intimacy.

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Hotel Vs. Venue Meeting Room – Pros And Cons

Aug 10, 2018

The venue you select for your business task has an impact on your employees, their productivity and the outcome that you would get from conducting the event. Businesses have two popular options available to them when they plan to organize a business event. These are either hotel or venue meeting room.

Selection between a beautiful hotel that provides a luxury meeting space or a dedicated venue with exemplary meeting facilities puts most of the businesses in confusion. Looking at the pros and cons of both these options will help you make the right choice.

Hotel Meeting Room


A hotel can provide you an ideal space to meet a client, conduct a meeting/training session or to formulate business strategies. You will enjoy a warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will also get several other types of amenities such as bars, restaurants, gyms, golf courses, spas, a comfy bed to sleep to relax. A hotel room is perfect for events that are going to last for two or more days. There are a few hotels that even provide out-door spaces, that makes it ideal for taking some break and indulge in team-building exercises.


Meeting space is not the primary focus of any hotel. So, you should not expect to get highly advanced amenities that specially caters to the needs of the team members. It also does not provide a dedicated staff that would be able to take care of your tiniest need during the event. You may find that technology is outdated, Internet is slow and rooms are not ergonomically designed.

Pros of Venue Meeting Room

Bromont is the best place to organize business events. When you select a location de salle à Bromont for your event, then you will get a dedicated space that is designed mainly for this objective. You will be assisted by a dedicated staff who will ensure that all the meeting procedures, right from start to competition are accomplished smoothly. The staff at this venue is available to instantly assist you and serve you in the best possible way.

As meetings and training are the prime focus of a meeting room, you can expect to find the latest based equipment to use. This ensures successful execution of meeting without any glitches. As meeting happens in a relaxed environment, there won’t be any external distractions.


Selection of the right venue is essential in understanding someone’s personality, developing strong business relationships and closing critical business deals. Both of these options provide their own benefits. It is important for a business to understand its requirements, expectations and budget to find the ideal one.

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