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May 23, 2019
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Why You Should Plan a Ski Trip to Salt Lake City (and How to Do it)

Dec 24, 2018

So, you’re dreaming of heading over to a winter wonderland for a few days of skiing, snowboarding, and wintery relaxation, are you? When most people think of ski trips, glamorous getaways to high-roller destinations like Whistler, Vail, and Park City come time mind. And while a luxurious suite and the see-and-be-seen Apres Ski life does sound aspirational, it comes with a price tag well out of reach of many.

What some might not know is that a far more affordable, laid-back, but still absolutely phenomenal ski or snowboarding trip is well within reach in lesser-publicized Utah canyons, accessible via Salt Lake City.

Why Salt Lake City is a better Ski Destination

More to do

If you book your stay in the Salt Lake Valley, you grant yourself access to a whole city’s worth of world-class bars and Salt Lake restaurants, rather than limiting yourself to pricey hotel fare. There are also a whole host of Winter weather festivities in Salt Lake, from Christmas Markets to outdoor ice skating — fun for the whole family.

More affordable

Just to drive it home — why stay in a many-hundreds-per-night condo when you can book an affordable and cozy airbnb in Salt Lake for less than half the price? Utah ski resorts in Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon are only a 30 to 40 minute drive from most locations in Salt Lake.

More laid back

While SLC-side ski resorts still boast the same amazing snow as luxury places like Deer Valley and Park City, they tend to sport a more local, laid-back vibe. Head up for a day of snowboarding without the stress, crowds, and tourist traps.

How to Plan a Salt Lake City Ski Trip

Pick Your Resort

Every ski resort boasts a different vibe and offers different terrain, so do a little research to decide which resort you’d love. In Big Cottonwood Canyon, Brighton Resort boasts a laid-back atmosphere that is highly snowboarder friendly (although skiers love the varied terrain and powdery snow, as well). Solitude offers less crowded slopes and unmarred, backcountry-style tree runs (with plenty of good groomers for beginners, as well).

In Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird offers a huge selection of lifts with varied terrain that skews advanced, but is beloved by adrenaline junkies everywhere. Alta is a skiers-only resort with an old school feel.

The beauty of your SLC-based vacation is you don’t need to limit yourself to just one resort — feel free to book tickets for two or more over different days, to experience all the Wasatch Front has to offer.

Find Your Accommodation

Airbnb has a huge selection of affordable homes, condos, and apartments in the Salt Lake Valley. Book in advance if you’re coming during ski season, and keep the neighborhood in mind: Downtown stays will give you more activities nearby, but a longer trip to the resort. Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, and Murray are good neighborhoods for quick ski resort access.

If budget is really an issue, consider booking a budget stay on Hostelworld— but you might want to bring your own bedding, just in case.

Plan a Spa Day

For some champagne luxury on a beer budget, head up to Snowbird’s The Cliff Spa for a day of rest and relaxation. You don’t need to book a pricey hotel stay for access to the luxury rooftop with radiant heat decking and a steaming pool and hot tub — day passes for non-guests are $35. Spend all day dipping in the pools, enjoying complimentary yoga classes, and alternating between the Sauna and Steam Room. While you lay out on the deck with a view of the snowy mountains above you, you’ll feel like you’ve truly “made it.”

Get Your Grub

Salt Lake has something for everyone when it comes to food and drink. If you want a world-class experience at a mid-range price, make reservations in advance at The Copper Onion for hearty, New American fare that would rival any coastal town. You’ll find mouthwatering burgers at loveable dives (21+) like Lucky 13 and The Cotton Bottom. For a sampling of local drinks, head to Fisher Brewing for $3 craft beers at Utah’s oldest brewery.

In Salt Lake City, an affordable, incredible mountainside vacation is well within your reach — and budget.

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Plan A Fantabulous Vacation Around Sugar Shacks In Quebec!

Dec 11, 2018

Quebec has always been one of the popular tourist destinations of Canada, but in spring, it truly feels the best. If you plan to visit Quebec in springtime, visiting a sugar shack should be on your list. Not many know that around 80% of pure maple syrup in the world comes from Canada, of which a huge part comes from Quebec and surrounding areas. A sugar shack or cabane à sucre, for the uninitiated, is a traditional place, where sap from maple tree is boiled, to get the ultimate goodness called maple syrup. Every year in spring, sugar shacks open their gates for guests, who can come over and be a part of the seasonal work, which is all about celebrating life with great desserts.

The experience at a sugar shack

Most sugar shacks are typically open during spring, and for rest of the year, you need to make a reservation in advance. The convivial atmosphere of the sugar shacks makes these an ideal place for celebration, and many local families spend the Easter together at these shacks, enjoying the food that Quebec is known for. Many shacks have their own personalized menu, which changes every single day, so if you plan to stay back for a day or two, that would be better. Also, sugar shacks can be booked for special occasions, such as weddings and family events, but we recommend that you book in advance, because spring is when these shacks have business. Many are often booked months before spring.

Menu worth drooling

It’s not surprising that maple-based menus rule these shacks. Note that this is more of a homely diner and a place to mingle with other people, and the food kind of reminds of country life in many ways. The food is usually homemade, consisting of things like fried pork, baked beans, peas soup, fresh buns and breads, and meat pie. If you are a sugar shack, you cannot miss the experience called ‘maple taffy on snow’. This is basically a ritual after every meal, where warm maple syrup is poured on snow, and as the syrup cools down, you can use a stick to make your own popsicle. That’s exactly what locals and guests from other countries want to enjoy, and some shacks offer that service even for special events organized at your home.

Book your tickets and get to Quebec – the spring doesn’t feel better than this!

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Things to Consider When Choosing A Spa Centre

Dec 10, 2018

Planning for a spa vacation with your family members? No doubt, it’s definitely a great idea. Besides, majority of people working in corporate companies are over burdened with work these days. They do over time, odd shifts and everything possible to grow in their career. During this process of building career most of us forget to think about ourselves. People are not really enjoying their life because of their busy work schedule.

Remember that, taking care of yourself is extremely important to achieve your goals. You should definitely spend some time with your friends and family members. Plan for an outing with them, go to a spa centre, stay in a luxury hotel have fun and go back to your home. Planning a spa vacation is a great idea if you are looking for some relaxation. You will feel very refreshed with the treatment in the spa centre. Try pedicure, manicure, facial and body treatments to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

When we speak about spa vacations the first place that comes to our mind is Montreal. In fact, Montreal has the world’s best spa resorts. This is the reason why a lot of people from different parts of the world visit Montreal to enjoy their holidays. If you don’t have any idea about the spa centres there then here is a suggestion for you. You could visit Storm Spa to enjoy your vacations with your loved ones. In fact, it is the best spa Scandinave Montréal.

Here are some tips for you to find a good spa centre like Storm Spa.

  • Menu List – Check their service menu list in detail to understand what all spa treatments they offer. Compare the prices of their spa treatment with the other spa centres to find a good deal.
  • Client Reviews – Check the client reviews of different spa centres in Montreal. Choose top-rated spa centre always if you are looking for best spa treatments.
  • Location – Choose a spa centre which is located in a peaceful location.

  • Additional Facilities: There are some good spa centres in Montreal which provide additional facilities to their clients like they offer drinks, herbal teas, play good music, provide tasty meals and etc. Choose such spa centre to enjoy your holidays in a fabulous way without any worries.

Book your favourite spa treatments online today to enjoy with your loved ones!

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