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May 23, 2019
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 Packing for a Golf Vacation? Let these Tips Help You

Feb 15, 2019

Going for a golf vacation doesn’t only mean you need to pack the bare essentials like the bathing suit. You don’t want to be a vacationer who borrows the golf equipment from others. Make the most of this handy guide by packing everything you need to have the most amazing golf vacation at Arizona Golf Courses.

The ideal bag

Here you are presented with two options when it comes to shipping your club. You either purchase the bag and carry them along with you, or make the use of shipping service. If you are going with the former, go for a good quality one. They may be a tad bit expensive, but if you go on a golf vacation quite often, then they are quite worth it. No matter what bag you purchase, seek the ballistic nylon. This material type makes it easy for you to handle all the abuse that the airline subjects on your bag. You would also need a bag that has good quality wheels. This will also make it convenient for you to roll through the airport and to your hotel as well.


This bag is useful for carrying all your clothes and bare necessities. Seek the one that is large enough that is able to hold all your items. But don’t make it so big that it becomes cumbersome for you to handle.


Always strategize on packing your clothes. You want to make the best use of the space available in your luggage. So, always pack those clothes that let you go comfortably from the golf course to the restaurant. Always choose the pieces that don’t highlight you are just back from playing golf. Consider the weather where you are going. If the weather would be hot, select fabric that will be quick to dry.


There will be the need to pack more than a pair of shoes. Always consider that you will need shoes to wear when you are not playing golf. Then a pair of shoes especially for golf. To be on a safer side, always bring a second pair of shoes. This plan is ideal if you are considering golfing more than one day in a row. In this way, you will always have a backup pair to wear if your first pair gets wet. Always have some space in your luggage when you are wearing your street friendly golf shoes onto the plane. In this way, you will never have to fill your bag with shoes.

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Five Things that Make Quebec an Ideal Snowmobiling Destination

Jan 21, 2019

Quebec is famous for its wide, open spaces and its unique culture. Tourists visit here for its stunning scenery and abundant snow. These features make the city an ideal destination for snowmobiling. Many regions provide everything locals and tourists need to have a perfect holiday, fro accommodations, to leisure activities to celebrate the winter, Quebec has a lot to offer.

Below are the main reasons visit Quebec for snowmobiling:

Perfect Snow Conditions

Quebec expects up to six metres of snow on average every year. People who enjoy snowmobiling benefit from the snow season that can last up to 22 weeks from December to April. Snowmobile clubs maintain the trails to ensure top-notch quality. With an abundance of snow and trails in Quebec, there is always a place for all snowmobilers.

Exceptional Services

As snowmobiling is a way of life in the Quebec region and locals are known for their welcoming attitude, Quebec provides a lot of services to fit everyone’s needs. There are excellent accommodation options, restaurants, leisure activities, and spas that await visitors. A lot of establishments there possess safe hotel certifications which make sure visitors can have a secure place to park their ski-doo usagé snowmobile for the night. Also, snowmobile rentals, route planning service, and guides are available.

Breath-Taking Natural Sceneries

People who visit the trails from the snow-covered peaks of the Mons-Valin to the Saguenay Fjord and Lac Saint-Jean can enjoy stunning views. There are also mesmerizing landscapes along the St. Lawrence River. Every memory built in Quebec will be remembered forever.

Winter Events

In Quebec, people celebrate the cold months with festive events such as the world-renown Québec Winter Carnival. Other events take snowmobilers into consideration so they can meet with other snowmobiling fanatics and participate in related competitions and exhibitions. These events include the Festival neige en fête, in the Quebec city region as well as Charlevoix’ Ode to Winter and Sled Peak events. Plus, a lot of locations showcase ice fishing on their frozen rivers and lakes. In Quebec, there are certainly hours of fun for everyone.

Mouth-Watering Local Cuisine

Quebec is proud of their home-ground products and willing to share their knowledge with those who want it. The La Route des Saveurs de Charlevoix is an attraction where people can access a network of producers, processors, and restaurateurs. Some of these can be accessed by a snowmobile. The Route des bières du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is the perfect region for those who want to try craft beers.

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