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May 23, 2019
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After police and customs formalities, you finally leave the airport. So now you will regret not having chosen the private vehicle offered by the Varna transport. The Taxi is Van type car, air-conditioned, driver who even waits for you in case of delay in the airport hall.  There is a coordinator at the airport who deals with the distribution of passengers in taxis. The drivers seem to obey them, so it becomes difficult to negotiate.

Small taxis are best for little family pick up

When you land at Airport, your private driver will greet you. With a sign with your name on it, he will wait for you upon your arrival at the correct terminal. Even if your flight to airport is postponed, you do not have to stress. Taxi transfer tracks each flight and guarantees a pleasant transfer to the city of your destination. You and your driver will immediately go to the vehicle you have chosen in for your transport and it will also help you to make sure the happy entry. While driving you to the destination of your choice, the driver will give you two or three tips and suggestions on what you can do for the duration of your stay. Drivers are carefully selected and speak very good language. Therefore, you will not have to worry about having communication problems with local drivers regarding your transfer.

Private airport transfer

This type of transfer allows you a stress free and fast transfer to the hotel. Usually you do not have to share the vehicle with other people. The transfer takes place either with a private taxi or with a minibus. This type of transfer is suitable for small families. With holiday transfers you can book larger coaches. These are located at the destination airports and await arriving tourists. The drivers have a list of all the people to be transported. If all holidaymakers are on the bus, every hotel on the route of the transfer will be approached and hotel guests will get off the bus.

Conclusion: is there anything left?

On the website of the taxi transfer service provider, travelers can choose between different types of transfers and over hundred transfer destinations. The transfer service can be booked on the online platform and in travel agencies.If you travel with a larger family or a small group, the holiday transfer by minibus is ideal. There are more people than in a private taxi space. With this type of transfer you save a lot of time, because you do not have to wait for other passengers. Depending on the taxi service provider you can choose more transfer types.

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