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May 23, 2019
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The venue you select for your business task has an impact on your employees, their productivity and the outcome that you would get from conducting the event. Businesses have two popular options available to them when they plan to organize a business event. These are either hotel or venue meeting room.

Selection between a beautiful hotel that provides a luxury meeting space or a dedicated venue with exemplary meeting facilities puts most of the businesses in confusion. Looking at the pros and cons of both these options will help you make the right choice.

Hotel Meeting Room


A hotel can provide you an ideal space to meet a client, conduct a meeting/training session or to formulate business strategies. You will enjoy a warm, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will also get several other types of amenities such as bars, restaurants, gyms, golf courses, spas, a comfy bed to sleep to relax. A hotel room is perfect for events that are going to last for two or more days. There are a few hotels that even provide out-door spaces, that makes it ideal for taking some break and indulge in team-building exercises.


Meeting space is not the primary focus of any hotel. So, you should not expect to get highly advanced amenities that specially caters to the needs of the team members. It also does not provide a dedicated staff that would be able to take care of your tiniest need during the event. You may find that technology is outdated, Internet is slow and rooms are not ergonomically designed.

Pros of Venue Meeting Room

Bromont is the best place to organize business events. When you select a location de salle à Bromont for your event, then you will get a dedicated space that is designed mainly for this objective. You will be assisted by a dedicated staff who will ensure that all the meeting procedures, right from start to competition are accomplished smoothly. The staff at this venue is available to instantly assist you and serve you in the best possible way.

As meetings and training are the prime focus of a meeting room, you can expect to find the latest based equipment to use. This ensures successful execution of meeting without any glitches. As meeting happens in a relaxed environment, there won’t be any external distractions.


Selection of the right venue is essential in understanding someone’s personality, developing strong business relationships and closing critical business deals. Both of these options provide their own benefits. It is important for a business to understand its requirements, expectations and budget to find the ideal one.

Fenton Gerry

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