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March 21, 2019
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Couples need to have some time for each other. Vacations are perfect for them to connect on the level necessary to improve intimacy. While there will always be time to go hiking, swimming, or tanning, the best part about vacations for couples is vacation sex. Vacations help both men and women to relax and free themselves from the stress of their work life. Sex is one of the main causes of reduced sex drive so couples need to have a vacation for a win-win sex life and relationship. Below are some ways to make your couple vacation a honeymoon-like.

Choose the Destination which Makes you Feel Sexy

When it comes to vacation destinations, you want to pick from kinky vacation destinations. When making a choice, focus on more on the sex than on the bikini wax or a spray tan. Consider how you want to try and how you wish to feel. Choose a romantic and intimate place.

Pack Right

This vacation with your special someone should be about what makes you feel sexy. Make sure you pack items like your special occasion lingerie. Oversized sweats and tees are a no-no on this trip. Also, make a sensual vacation kit that can include your favorite music, sensual massage oil, lubricant, sex toys and more. You want to create a calming and relaxing space for you.

Create a List of Intimate Activities you Have Always Wanted to Try

While you may be having great sex regularly, you want your vacation sex to be special. Think of those things you wish to try; however, too shy or too busy to put into action. These could be a new sex position or toy. Make the most out of this vacation by making your dream sex happen. Go over your list before your departure to keep you both excited. It is always great to have something to look forward to.

Make Time for Bedroom Exploration

Since it is a vacation, you might want to explore your new surroundings. However, make sure you also spend time finding your way back to the passion when you first started dating. Remember that first night when you spent hours in bed kissing and having long, amazing sex. Rather than spending time in spas, consider treating each other to sensual massages. Get started by blindfolding your partner with a tie or scarf to heighten his or her other senses. This is an exhilarating experience which will cause an adrenaline rush, creating feelings of lust and intimacy.

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